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tv   Interview with Lisa Lucas  CSPAN  July 28, 2016 9:41pm-9:50pm EDT

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if this had been a young african-american man do you think he would have gotten six a months.he judge is getting a lot i heard the judge has been getting a lot of flack. they read the whole letter that took a half-hour and cried various parts it's unbelievable what this woman has gone through i have to say on a hopeful note its progress we are talking it's progr about this. its progress people are speaking out and progress the judge is getting the heat he's getting for getting this guy passed and i hope people pay attention to. it would be a harsh sentence
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given it was 20 minutes of they come from som action. they come from somewhere and it has to come from the way we raise our children. if everyone is drinking no one says yes. [applause] i want your opinion of his evidence that secured the dna and evidence. i had my biggest problem with him. i knew that h know that he is sp lied. he knew dna inside and out.un he founded the innocence project
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that uses dna to exoneratete people that were wrongfully convicted. i sent a couple clients to them. the judge was overruling so ii can only take it so far. me the thing i kept pointing out the furious were conflicting or planted the blood trai they planted the blood trail and then another point they got contaminated and let me say one thing about that. but it was sprinkled between bundy and rocking him as absolute and the insane. insane for one reason. the blood trail was led from bundy all the way to rocking ham into hihiminto his bedroom befoe back to chicago. so, no one had him and the blood
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trail was already there before he got back. so not even possible. >> you've always been inspirational to me and my life. i write now working corrective rehabilitation for the cook county jail. i wanted a piece of advice how do you personally deal with working with someone you know is innocent and then watching them get sent away forever? >> i am honored and i just don't know. i have a client that is doing 50 to life. he should have been doing six i years for manslaughter and it'sf
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all wrong. we have a written analysis supreme court and i don't know what to tell you about thatou because it's the heartbreak i don't know what to tell you other than i keep writing to him and telling him i believe you. i know. it's the only thing that's left to offer because we have exhausted all of our remedies. as far as how you he'll personally, i don't know what to tell yo you what let's do for te work that you're doing.ou don'to >> in the experience yothe expet to expose yourself over i don't know how you can suffer an injustice no wonder what type it is that at the end of today whethewhether you are a defense attorney or prosecutor is all about justice.
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>> i think we are out of time. thank you for being here. [applause] thank you all for attending the presentation. she will be signing books directly outside of thee auditorium and we appreciate your feedback. you can go to printers row with fast to provide that.
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and it was cold. it was december and there's a number of men chained, their hands down between their legs which was essentially forced standing which was in enhanced technique and don rumsfeld said
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i can tell you seeing someone in a forced standing position has nothing to do with standing at a standing, which it was torture. >> 10 p.m. eastern when fdr and churchill during world war ii is the subject of nigel hamilton's book commander in chief and examines the military and technical frustrations became president franklin roosevelt and british feminist or winston churchill. go to for the complete weekend schedule the executive director of the national book foundation which presents the national book awards. this is ten minutes >> i'm the executive director presenter of the national book award.
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this different colleges. >> when did you become the executive director? >> march 14. >> what were you doing prior? >> it's been around for about 12 years. >> how did you get into ? >> i spent about seven years as the director of education at the film institute at the film festival and i've always been a big reader and a person that loves to read but even if i worked in theater or film or spend some time in a magazine when i was young i kept coming back to that. so when i left i didn't know quite what i wanted to do but i wanted to do something


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